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Issue with EncFS, BoxCryptor and Google Drive

Mark Dec 22, 2012 01:50PM CET

Hi Guys.

In the past I have purchased multiple copies of BoxCryptor for Android and IOS (paid version to support multiple nested directories), I am hence hoping that you take pity on me and support me with this potentially off-topic question.

My setup up until recently.. IOS, Android, Windows and Ubuntu (EncFS) to encrypt files on Dropbox.

This has always worked a treat.

For reasons not to go into here, I am consolidating my Cloud storage onto Google Drive.

BoxCryptor, and the Windows/Android devices seem to work fine... but what ever I do I cant seem to get EncFS on Ubuntu to recognise my BoxCryptor folder. It simply saids that it is not an EncFS encrypted file.

The existing Dropbox folder still works fine and if i try to reimport that it is recognised... Any suggestions that could help?

EncFS is version 1.7.4


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David Rajkay Dec 26, 2012 07:16PM CET Boxcryptor Agent
I'm currently not in the office. But I'll check as soon as possible!

Best regards and a good Start in 2013,
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Sergio Jan 05, 2013 02:49PM CET
First of all, really nice product and really interesting.

I'm testing it to see how it could fit with my needs but got the same problem reported by Mark.

I'm on Linux Mint 14 (Mate edition) and tried both, manual config and cryptkeeper, both fail to mount the encrypted folder.

Using encfs command, it tries to setup a new encrypted folder instead of just mounting it. Cryptkeeper reports the folder I'm trying to import is not an encryptfs folder and doesn't allow to continue with the process.

If more info is needed, please ask for it will be glad to provide it.

Best regards,
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Sergio Jan 05, 2013 05:44PM CET
Hi again :-)

I've got a dirty workaround, seems like encfs command doesn't like the file created by boxcryptor for holding information about encryption and so...

Look in the encrypted folder, there's a hidden file called ".encfs6 (gdocs).xml", encfs command looks for ".encfs6.xml" instead, so creating a symlink works:

user@localhost:~$ cd to/encrypted/folder
user@localhost:~$ ln -s .encfs6\ \(gdocs\).xml .encfs6.xml
user@localhost:~$ encfs ~/to/encrypted/folder ~/mountpoint

I know it's dirty, but at least it works until the problem is fixed.

Hope this helps!
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Robert Freudenreich Jan 05, 2013 06:19PM CET Boxcryptor Agent
Hi Sergio,

The key/configuration file should always be named ".encfs6.xml" and already been created by BoxCryptor with this name. A symlink is not necessary and you can safely rename the file to ".encfs6.xml" (without quotes). My question would be how the "(gdocs)" part got introduced... can you remember on which platform you created the BoxCryptor Folder? I assume you're using Google Drive, but did you use the native Google Drive client for syncing or a third-party client like Insync?

Best regards,
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Sergio Jan 05, 2013 06:54PM CET
Hi Robert!

I wasn't able to find an Google Drive for Linux from Google so I went with Insync.

Now you've mentioned this, I have checked Insync client and seems to have problems processing the ".enc6fs (gdocs).xml" or any other (Linux) hidden file. But even reporting problems processing the file, it syncs it completely as the file is there but it adds the "(gdocs)" part. So I better report the problem to Insync support.

Is there any official client for Linux? I might miss it ... but I promise I have looked for it and have found any.

Thanks for your support!
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Nico Jan 07, 2013 10:46AM CET
I have got the Same Problem :/

I can't mount my Boxcryptor.bc Folder on Ubuntu.

Is there some way to encrypt? Which is the best sync tool on Ubuntu? insync? grive?

GreetZ Nico
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Thomas Jan 10, 2013 10:08PM CET
Hi. I have the same problem as Nico. I have no clue how to decrypt an boxcryptor.bc file (created on WIN7) in Ubuntu. I'm using Gnome EncFS Manager. Didn't found any instructions or hints. Is there any easier software?

I really would appreciate your support.

Thanks a lot.

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Robert Freudenreich Jan 10, 2013 11:30PM CET Boxcryptor Agent
Hi all,

please make sure that your BoxCryptor Folder contains the configuration/key file with the exact name ".encfs6.xml" (without quote - e.g. BoxCryptor.bc\.encfs6.xml). As it's a hidden unix file (beginning with a dot) you may not see it by default and have to use special settings/parameters (e.g. ls -la in the shell). InSync seems to add "(gdocs)" to hidden files as described by Mark. If the filename is different, you have to rename it to ".encfs6.xml"

Best regards,
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Thomas Jan 11, 2013 09:08PM CET
Dear Robert

Thanks a lot. I didn't follow your instructions:

Now everything works really fine. I really appreciate your recommendation!

Have a nice weekend!

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Urs Jan 20, 2013 02:33PM CET
Hi Robert, Thomas
I do have the same problem as described above. Neither Cryptkeeper nor Gnome Encfs Manager nor encfs itself seem to recognize the already exsisting encrypted folder (created on my 1&1 cloud storage using BoxCryptor). The key file is named .encfs6.xml (and has always been). Access on Windows and Android work fine. I followed the installation instructions of encfs and cryptkeeper which Thomas suggested.
Any suggestions?
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Moritz Molch Jan 26, 2013 08:55PM CET
Hi @all,
I am the developer of the Gnome Encfs Manager and if you have problems regarding strangely named ".encfs6.xml" config files, I'd really appreciate it, if you could head over to
and share your problems to improve GEncfsM. Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

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