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Filename encryption slowing down Dropbox sync?

Svain Mar 21, 2013 12:23AM CET

Hi again,

I am using MAcOSX with Snow Lion and the latest Boxcryptor client and dropbox 2.0

I have just created a new boxcryptor disk on a dropbox folder and enabled filename encryption. I am seeing some strange behaviour (at least for me! :).
I have copied an Aperture Photo Library in it. Just accessing the photo library and not doing any modification: Opening and closing.
Triggers 1000s of files to be uploaded in Dropbox.

I understand by opening an aperture library files would be updated, like timestamps...
but I just find it odd that we are speaking about 1000s of files.
So I am just wondering if there is any reasons why by enabling filename encryption it could slow down dropbox sync?

Especially when we are speaking about boxcryptor drives with 1000s of files.
Do you get the same performance with or without filename encryption?
do the same number of files are created?
Do file attributes change the same way?

Not a big problem... but I'd like to know if I should better revert to a boxcryptor drive with no filename encryption or not.


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Adrian Godoroja Mar 21, 2013 10:14AM CET Boxcryptor Agent
Hi Svain,

there should not be any noticeable speed difference when filename encryption is enabled vs when it's disabled. I am not very informed what Aperture is doing in the background, but what i can tell you is that if it modifies just one bit in a file, it should/will be uploaded to Dropbox. And this is something that Dropbox does, BoxCryptor itself does not trigger any uploads.

I am not aware of any BoxCryptor issue that could slow down the Dropbox sync.
Yes, you should get the same (comparable) performance with or without filename encryption.
Yes, the same number of files are created.
Yes, file attributes are the same, changed in the same way.

Really, except the fact the the filename is encrypted (not human readable), there is no difference in files with filenames encrypted and regular encrypted files.

Best regards,
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Svain Mar 21, 2013 11:22AM CET
Thanks Adrian!
I'll keep using filename encryption then.

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